David Nachtigall is a Houston white collar crime attorney with extensive experience handling white collar criminal cases and related civil matters.

What are White Collar Cases?

White collar cases can fall into two broad categories – civil and criminal.  The most common “white collar” cases are embezzlement (typically by an employee or business associate), money laundering, and fraud.  There are almost always grounds for a civil action anytime a person or business is defrauded, or if money is taken.  If the behavior is sufficiently egregious and fits within the definition of a state or federal crime, the government may file charges.

Our expertise with white-collar matters and investigations includes:

  • Embezzlement / Aggregate Theft
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Misapplication of Fiduciary Property
  • Bank / Wire Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Theft of Trade Secrets

What is the Usual Evidence in a White Collar Case?

The scope of evidence in a white collar case can vary considerably depending upon the type of allegation made.  In a white collar prosecution, the government usually takes its time gathering as much evidence as possible to build a strong case.  Unlike most other forms of crime, there is less urgency to make an arrest, and the government is more interested in building a thorough case.  Typically, a person charged with a white collar crime can expect at least some of the following forms of evidence:

  • Bank records and other financial records
  • Corporate formation records
  • Internal business documents
  • Witness interviews
  • E-mail

What are the Penalties in White Collar Cases?

In a civil case, the penalty can be a money judgment and/or an injunctive remedy that prohibits a person from engaging in certain behavior in the future.

In a criminal case, penalties vary depending on the type of charge that is filed and whether the case is filed in state or federal court.  The amount of the loss is often a significant consideration in the penalty.  David A. Nachtigall is a white collar attorney in Houston who handles both state and federal civil and criminal white collar cases.

In state white collar cases, the degree of the offense is tied to the amount of the loss.  The following chart are the loss ranges:

Offense Level

Class B Misdemeanor

Class A Misdemeanor

State Jail Felony

Third Degree Felony

Second Degree Felony

First Degree Felony


>=$50 to <$500 >=$500 to <$1,500 >=$1,500 to <$20,000 >=$20,000 to <$100,000 >=$100,000 to <$200,000 >=$200,000

When substantial amounts of money are involved, a person charged with a white collar crime may face serious prison time. If you are involved in a white collar criminal matter in Harris County, contact a Houston white collar crime attorney.

Our Experience and Qualifications in White Collar Matters

white collar matters in court

As a member of the Special Prosecutions Bureau at the District Attorney’s Office, David A. Nachtigall led the investigation and prosecution of dozens of complex financial crimes.  David’s experience with financial crimes includes employee theft, mortgage and insurance fraud, securing the execution of a document by deception, misapplication of fiduciary property, money laundering, and securities fraud.  David is a Houston white collar crime attorney who understands how law enforcement approaches white collar cases during the investigative, charging, and trial phases.  David knows the types of evidence the government relies upon and how to deconstruct and scrutinize it.  He is able to draw upon his experience in the analysis of financial records to interpret banking and other financial documents to evaluate the quality and strength of the government’s evidence.  Additionally, David’s business litigation experience affords him a greater understanding of the of the civil litigation implications that may be involved in these types of charges.  As a white collar attorney in Houston, David is called upon not only by individuals facing criminal charges but also by corporations for counsel with complex civil matters related to white collar crimes, allegations of theft, and fraud investigations.

Hiring a highly-qualified Houston white collar crime attorney who understands the complexities of financial crime and fraud allegations is paramount when facing charges of white collar crime and handling related matters. Learn more about David Nachtigall’s qualifications.

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