January 9, 2014

by David Nachtigall

Imagine a world where someone meets you out at a bar or other public place, snaps your photo, and instantly pulls up detailed information about your background in real-time on his or her cell phone. This may sound like science fiction or something in the distant future, but this technology is here now.

Having criminal history is already an impediment to getting a desirable job or professional license, and with the emergence of new technologies that link facial recognition with public records, having a criminal history may more readily and more frequently impact your quality of life. In the context of criminal law, this makes clearing or sealing a criminal history more important than ever.

Petitions for expunction and petitions for nondisclosure are the two most common processes for clearing or sealing criminal history information from someone’s record. Only certain types of offenses are eligible for expunction or nondisclosure. An attorney who understands expunction and nondisclosure laws can help you understand your options, and avoid wasting time or money where the law does not permit expunction or nondisclosure.

Contacting an attorney who understands expunction and nondisclosure laws is the first step toward the possibility of clearing your record and truly putting your past behind you.


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