Representative Matters and Results

Select Criminal Matters

    • Represented multinational corporate client in criminal and civil investigations by federal regulatory agency.
    • Represented Fortune 500 company employees in state and federal grand jury investigations.
    • Represented Texas attorney in federal bankruptcy fraud. Negotiated dismissal of three felony counts in exchange for plea on misdemeanor contempt of court. Client sentenced to three days in jail, served one.
    • Advised publicly traded oil company in employee theft investigation.
    • Represented owner of healthcare services company in multi-million dollar federal healthcare fraud.
    • Secured dismissal of state charges for engaging in organized crime of medical clinic employee charged in a drug distribution and money laundering conspiracy.
    • Obtained dismissals for client accused in two cases of false allegations of child sexual assault filed in two separate counties in an 18-month period.
    • Represented physician in domestic violence charge in Brazoria County. All charges dismissed and matter expunged.
    • Represented client charged with money laundering and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance in federal court. Negotiated reduction to charge of bulk cash smuggling, client sentenced to 60 days in jail.
    • Stopped law enforcement from continued environmental crimes investigation of an automotive business accused of leaking contaminants into the water supply by assisting client with quick remediation.

Select Civil Matters

  • Obtained judgment in excess of $1,000,000 in damages and attorney fees after jury verdict representing local oilfield supply company against multinational energy firm FMC Corporation in suit for breach of contract.
  • Obtained jury verdict in excess of $350,000 for midsized Houston-based company in suit for breach of contract against multinational energy firm National Oilwell Varco.
  • Obtained full recovery at trial and attorney fees after piercing corporate veil in fraud and breach of contract case involving dispute between construction products supplier and property developer.
  • Represented plaintiff as minority shareholder in multi-million corporation on derivative claims of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty by majority shareholder. Obtained favorable buyout of plaintiff’s interest in corporation.
  • Successfully represented local mid-sized business plaintiff in federal lawsuit against out-of-state chemical distributor for breach of contract and deceptive trade practices claim relative to the faulty manufacture of client’s chemical product.
  • Obtained maximum recovery in jury trial for property owner whose land was taken by Harris County in eminent domain.
  • Represented individual accused of stealing trade secrets from publicly traded oil and gas company. Case was dismissed with no damages paid by client.
  • Retained by a national trucking company to represent an employee truck driver involved in a fatal intoxication-related accident in wrongful death suit.
  • Negotiated favorable settlement for plaintiff in a claim of malfunctioning computer stock trading software.
  • Represented out-of-state ATM servicer defendant in suit by ATM provider. Case dismissed after entering special appearance and arguing plea to jurisdiction to court.
  • Represented client sued for allegedly sexually assaulting a coworker at the workplace. Client paid no damages.
  • Settled $150,000 insurance claim against business client for alleged theft and property destruction for $4,000.
  • Prevented lawsuit in $200,000 breach of contract through pre-suit discovery.
  • Drafted and successfully argued a special appearance for a defense client resulting in dismissal of out-of-state plaintiff’s suit for breach of contract.
  • Negotiated favorable settlement of a multi-million dollar intellectual property lawsuit.
  • Succeeded in obtaining summary judgment for client in alleged breach of contract for purchasing medical equipment.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

Client Testimonials and Reviews

“David went above and beyond to help me in defense of a DWI charge. With his background as a prosecutor, he already knew the ins and outs of navigating through the process and was able to get me a better deal than I otherwise would have received. His hard work, open communication, dedication and intelligence are all very valuable for anyone in an unfortunate situation like I was. I couldn’t be more pleased with his representation and would definitely recommend him to anyone considering hiring an attorney.”
charged with Misdemeanor
“David was the first and only person I considered calling for legal advice for a friend in an unusual and complicated situation. His advice was spot-on accurate and the best solution. David is not only one of the smartest lawyers I know but he also has a unique grasp of the nuances involved in working with different personalities and negotiating on behalf of them. He can quickly synthesize various outcomes and options into a well-defined solution. He does it all with integrity, clarity and confidence that I’d want representing myself or a loved one.”
B.S., client under Felony Investigation
“Mr. Nachtigall is an exemplary attorney. Overall, he was always responsive to the various amount of questions I had, also he kept me informed on how things were looking during my case. I have spoken to plenty of attorneys, but Mr. Nachtigall seemed to stand out for his sincerity, his willing to make your case his responsibility and maintaining a positive attitude that seem to be hard to find nowadays.”
A.R., client charged with Felony
“Within my industry I consult with many lawyers and whilst on a business trip to Houston I required legal counsel and David was recommended to me. Initially David’s age surprised me; as it did not reflect his wealth of experience, local contacts and immediate control that he took of my case and me. David promptly providing sound, logical and concise legal counsel which demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the local system and the law. David has great integrity and a supreme confidence born from experience. A quiet man but with a firm, resolute character that enabled a professional court demeanour that when coupled with his succinct legal strategy provided for a most successful conclusion in court – Thank you David. I vouch for and strongly recommend David services, he is great lawyer.”
J.G., client charged with Misdemeanor
“David Nachtigall was my attorney for a DWI that I received in December of 2013. He really did a great job on my case. He was always very polite, prompt, and diligent when dealing with any questions that I had and he always took the correct steps to accomplish our desired outcome. Even though my case was stacked against me, he still was able to negotiate a DWI Pre-trial Intervention plea (which was the best and most realistic outcome considering the circumstances). Just to make things clear, the deal I received is not one that is easily ascertained. In fact, it took two tries to receive it. However, thanks to Mr. Nachtigall’s hard work and persistence, the deal went through. He never kept me in the dark about anything in reference to my case, he was not difficult to contact, and he always returned my phone calls as soon as possible or as soon as he had an answer to any question I asked (all of which are increasingly rare qualities in a busy lawyer). I can’t thank him enough for his help, and I would recommend David Nachtigall to anyone in need of a great, hard-working lawyer who knows how to get things done efficiently and effectively.”
J.C., client charged with Misdemeanor
“I was recently charged with assault on a peace officer which is a felon charge. I have never been in trouble with the law in my life. I was raised in a strict catholic house I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I hired David after dealing with a bad lawyer. He picked up the slack with no problem. David did everything in his power to get the charges dropped. I left with a misdemeanor charge and 6 months probation. David answered ALL of my phone calls & emails. He showed up to every court setting and didn’t send anyone for him. I would highly recommend David to anyone.”
J.U., client charged with Felony
“David Nachtigall is a true professional. He handled my case (a second degree felony) with such expertise that the charges were dropped. His experience as a former prosecutor proved to be a tremendous asset. He kept me well informed and provided much needed personal support. I highly recommend David for any legal need you may have.”
P.S., client charged with Felony
“I highly recommend criminal defense attorney David Nachtigall. While he represented my son, David consistently displayed a calm and professional demeanor, careful attention to detail, and thoroughly researched every aspect of a very complex and challenging criminal case. His ability to deduct the truth was commendable despite the complainants who kept changing their story. I am thankful we had David on our side. His previous experience working in the DA’s office was an advantage in understanding how the courts worked. I especially appreciated his compassion to stay in touch with us and that he was easily reachable when we had questions. If you need an attorney that will truly listen and fight for you, I recommend David Nachtigall.”
P.T., parent of child charged with Felony
“David is a consummate professional. Through a normal background check I found out I had a very old warrant, I attempted to call the county and they would’t even talk to me. It could have cost me my job. I contacted David (one of the challenges is I live 500 miles away); and he secured a dismissal the next day, saving my career. He cut right through the red tape. I’d highly recommend David to anyone!”
R.B., charged with Misdemeanor
David is one of the most polished, even tempered attorneys I’ve ever met. I was the defendant on a spurious criminal case and he carefully dissected each unsubstantiated allegation and was able to refute the basis for the charge itself (which was the intent to commit a crime). I have to say that he really made the prosecuting attorney look foolish by carefully researching and laying out the facts combined with his patient, even tempered demeanor. I also appreciated the fact that he knew the behind the scenes political motivations for why the prosecution in the D.A.’s office acted so illogically-he knows these people and their work environment, so he was able to use this to craft a winning strategy to get my case dropped.
J.B., charged with Felony
“I was recently traveling on business in Houston and was caught with a tiny amount marijuana. All it takes in Texas is half a joint and you are in a world of hurt. Dumb mistake on my part. Let me be the first to advise everyone in a similar situation, you will need strong representation. The Houston court system is beyond challenging and unbelievably confusing. What I thought was no big deal could’ve meant losing my license, probation, and possibly more jail time. Typically people hate attorneys, David saved me in a huge way. He treated me like a friend and always kept me posted on the status of my case. He was willing to work with me due to my work schedule and he came to his office, before it even opened, to meet me. Because of his experience and persistence my case was dropped. I am so thankful I found him and would highly recommend his service. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.”
J.W., client charged with Misdemeanor

What Other Attorneys Have To Say About David

What Other Attorneys Have to Say About David

“David is among an elite group of not only criminal defense lawyers, but lawyers at large, with the skill, experience and temperament to deliver results in matters of the highest stakes.”
Attorney #1
“I worked with David at the Harris County District Attorney’s office here in Houston. I have personally watched David prepare for and try two murders and I have personally tried a family violence case with David. He is at his soul a phenomenal trial lawyer and a tireless preparer. He is ready when his case is called by the judge and God help you if you are the opposing counsel and you are unprepared for David. He is widely regarded in the criminal court house of Houston as a first rate advocate and is known to have a vast array of experience covering criminal matters from misdemeanor to felony.”
Attorney #2
“I have known David Nachtigall for more than sixteen years. David is hard-working, creative, and very intelligent. He maintains well-grounded perspective and offers insight and common sense. David has the ideal background as an honors graduate from the University of Texas School of Law, a seasoned prosecutor, and a board-certified criminal attorney. He is an eloquent, charismatic, and experienced trial lawyer who is smarter than his competition—both the criminal defense attorneys and the prosecutors. David should be your first consideration for a criminal matter in Texas.”
Attorney #3
“I highly recommend David Nachtigall. Without a doubt, David will be sure to handle all of your needs with the care you deserve. David is an exceptional attorney who is dedicated to providing his clients with timely and thorough representation. David is dedicated to bringing the best results for his clients, guiding them through every step of the way.”
Attorney #4
“I have known David for over 20 years and there is no one in whom I have more confidence and trust. David’s counsel and advice is one of the big reasons that I became a lawyer. I’m so glad that David has struck out on his own. I now have a go-to attorney to refer friends, family, and professional contacts when I’m approached with a criminal law issue. David does his homework and always makes sure he’s the smartest person in the room. He’s a smart, professional and an incredibly skilled attorney.”
Attorney #5
“David is an intelligent, thoughtful problem solver who brings a creative approach to each issue a complex case presents. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and would highly recommend him for both criminal defense and business cases.”
Attorney #6



David A. Nachtigall, Attorney at Law, PLLC has obtained excellent results for clients in both criminal and civil matters.  A sample of some of the Firm’s recent results follows.

Criminal Case Results Summary:

Cause No.  Offense Level  Outcome
1432526 Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Felony Dismissed
1429272 Robbery Felony Dismissed
N/A Capital Murder Felony Investigation Terminated
1980785 Terroristic Threat Misdemeanor Dismissed
1929948 Possession of a Controlled Substance (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) Misdemeanor Dismissed
1962821 Assault Misdemeanor Dismissed
1393007 Possession of a Controlled Substance Felony Dismissed
1954881 Possession of Marijuana Misdemeanor Dismissed
1320852 Aggravated Robbery (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) Felony Dismissed
1421285 Possession of a Controlled Substance Felony Deferred adjudication on 12.44(b) (misdemeanor)
1385267 DWI (Motion to Revoke Probation) Misdemeanor Dismissed
1941371 Possession of Marijuana Misdemeanor Dismissed
1941370 Possession of a Controlled Substance Misdemeanor Dismissed
N/A Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child Felony Investigation Terminated
1369112 Assault on a Public Servant (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) Felony Dismissed
1460726 Hindering Apprehension Felony Dismissed
1959775 Possession of Marijuana Misdemeanor Dismissed
1959774 Possession of a Controlled Substance Misdemeanor Dismissed
CR11X0053878 Illegal Dumping Misdemeanor Dismissed
PNDC Granted Assault on a Public Servant Felony Deferred adjudication on reduction to class B misdemeanor
1962053 Prostitution Misdemeanor Dismissed
1441262 Felon in Possession of a Weapon Felony Dismissed
1436496 / 1436484 Assault on a Public Servant / PCS Felony 3 years TDC on cases with 25-year minimum (habitual offender)
1943490 Criminal Trespass Misdemeanor Dismissed
1946027 Failure to ID to a Police Officer Misdemeanor Dismissed
1934547 DWI Misdemeanor Pretrial Diversion
N/A Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child Felony Investigation Terminated
201402595J Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle Felony Dismissed
1963899 Assault – Family Violence Misdemeanor Dismissed
1373991 Robbery (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) Felony Dismissed
14001597 Interference with Public Duties Misdemeanor Dismissed
JV19708R Possession of a Controlled Substance Felony Deferred Prosecution
1833162 DWI (Motion to Revoke Probation) Misdemeanor Dismissed
1940002 Theft Misdemeanor Dismissed
1890848 Theft (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) Misdemeanor Dismissed
1447731 Retaliation Felony Deferred adjudication on reduction to class B misdemeanor
1951101 Driving While License Suspended Misdemeanor Dismissed
1921755 Criminal Trespass (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) Misdemeanor Dismissed
1950141 Assault Misdemeanor Dismissed
1873544 DWI (Motion to Revoke Probation) Misdemeanor Dismissed
1972011 / 1972012 Possession of Marijuana / Evading Arrest Misdemeanor Pretrial Diversion
1995854 Theft Misdemeanor Pretrial Diversion
1396927 Aggravated Assault (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) Felony Dismissed
1951778 Posssesion of a Criminal Instrument Misdemeanor Dismissed
1961246 Possession of a Controlled Substance Misdemeanor Dismissed
1920607 Driving While License Suspended (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) Misdemeanor Dismissed
1422692 Theft 3rd Offender Felony 30 days HCJ 12.44(a) on case with 2-year TDC minimum
1957301 Theft Misdemeanor Dismissed
1961230 Deadly Conduct Misdemeanor Dismissed
1967859 Interfere Public Duties Misdemeanor Dismissed
1422935 Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle Felony Dismissed
1958661 Assault Misdemeanor Dismissed
1942032 Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon Misdemeanor Dismissed
1421448 Theft 3rd Offender Felony 3 days HCJ on class A misdemeanor
1371190 Possession of a Controlled Substance (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) Felony Dismissed
1858998 Possession of Marijuana (Motion to Adjudicate Guilt) Misdemeanor Dismissed
1638448 Theft by Check Misdemeanor Dismissed
1962019 Criminal Trespass Misdemeanor Dismissed
1966667 Interfere with Emergency Telephone Call Misdemeanor Dismissed
JV19708R Possession of a Controlled Substance Felony Deferred Prosecution
1427350 Possession of a Controlled Substance Felony Dismissed
H-14-113 Bank Robbery Felony 7-year reduction in federal sentence
2005874 Prostitution Misdemeanor Pretrial Diversion
1979060 Prostitution Misdemeanor Dismissed
1944798 Theft of Services Misdemeanor Dismissed
1439736 DWI 3rd Offender Felony Probation on reduction to class A misdemeanor
1973675 Theft Misdemeanor Dismissed
1976343 Criminal Mischief Misdemeanor Dismissed
N/A Water Pollution Misdemeanor Investigation Terminated
H-14-314 Possession of Child Pornography Felony Federal case with 15-year minimum dismissed