Criminal Defense

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Harris and Surrounding Counties

David offers criminal defense of individuals facing criminal charges in state courts in Houston, Harris County, and surrounding areas including Galveston, Montgomery, Brazoria, Brazos, Liberty, and Chambers counties. David also represents individuals charged with federal offenses in the Southern District of Texas.

dave2As both a former prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, David A. Nachtigall has handled thousands of criminal cases in his career. David is Board Certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, the only distinction established by the State Bar of Texas that recognizes an attorney as a specialist in criminal law. David is an honors graduate of the top law school in Texas, the University of Texas School of Law. David prides himself on being available and accessible to clients, providing personal and detailed attention to each case, and working tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for the client under any set of circumstances. (Read about what some of David’s clients have to say about him, and review recent case results.)

David represents individuals charged with crimes including:

  • Drug Crimes (possession and delivery of marijuana, dangerous drugs, or controlled substances)
  • Domestic Violence and Violation of a Protective Order
  • Deferred Adjudication and Probation Violations
  • DWI
  • Assaultive Offenses
  • Shoplifting and Theft
  • Felony Violent Crimes (Aggravated Assault, Robbery / Aggravated Robbery, Murder)
  • Prostitution and Sexually Oriented Business Violations
  • Gun and Other Weapon Offenses
  • Gambling
  • Sex Offenses (Indecent Exposure, Sexual Assault and Aggravated Sexual Assault, Public Lewdness)

David also represents individuals and businesses who have not yet been charged, but are under investigation or may soon be under investigation by a law enforcement agency. Having a qualified and experienced attorney during the investigative phase of a criminal case may be the difference between whether or not charges are filed.

As a former white collar prosecutor, David has considerable experience with complex financial and “white collar” crimes including embezzlement, insurance fraud, and healthcare fraud. David has a deep understanding how these cases are investigated and prosecuted. David has the knowledge and experience to deconstruct the evidence in financial crime cases and root-out gaps in the government’s evidence.

For individuals seeking to clear their records, David understands the law and procedure related to petitions for nondisclosure and expunctions. David is able to provide counsel about what offenses are eligible, and prepare and present the necessary documents to the court.

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