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David A. Nachtigall is a Houston-based trial attorney who provides professional, knowledgeable, and effective defense of individuals and businesses facing state or federal criminal charges and criminal investigations, and aggressive representation in select civil matters. As both a Board Certified attorney and a former felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile prosecutor, David has the qualifications and experience to provide representation in the most critical situations.

Individuals and businesses charged with crimes in state and federal courts ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies turn to David Nachtigall for knowledgeable, straightforward advice and experienced courtroom representation. As a trial lawyer with years of experience trying a cases ranging from DWI to capital murder to juries and judges, David understands how to prepare and present a defense in high-stakes cases. David provides representation in matters including:

  • State and Federal Criminal Defense
  • DWI and Intoxication Crimes
  • Probation / Deferred Adjudication Violations
  • Record Clearing and Sealing (Expunction and Nondisclosure)
  • Law Enforcement and Grand Jury Investigations
  • White Collar Matters
  • Post-conviction & Appellate Remedies
  • Civil and Business Lawsuits
  • Eminent Domain

David also represents individuals and businesses who are under investigation or charged with white collar crimes and environmental crimes. David’s background as a prosecutor, a civil litigator, and criminal defense attorney offers an uncommon set of skills, knowledge, and perspective.

Many of David’s criminal law clients are people who have never been involved in the criminal justice system, and who will never be involved with it again. David handles his cases and treats his clients with discretion, personal attention, and provides them with assurance and peace of mind that their matter is being handled by a qualified attorney.

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Latest Journal Entry

What is a Federal Detention Hearing?

Individuals charged with federal crimes are entitled to a hearing to determine whether they will be detained or afforded bail while awaiting trial in a federal criminal case.  The four possibilities with respect to release for those charged with federal crimes are that the person is: 1. released on personal recognizance or upon execution of an unsecured appearance bond; 2. released on a condition or combination of conditions; 3. temporarily detained to permit revocation of conditional release, deportation, or exclusion; or 4. detained. At a detention hearing, which is generally held before a magistrate, both the government and the defendant may present evidence on issues relevant to the decision of whether to grant or deny bail.  Those issues include ties to the community, personal and financial background, criminal history, and the strength of the government’s evidence in the instant case. The judge must make the determination of whether the person is a flight risk and whether the person poses a danger to the community if released.  It is the government’s burden to prove that a person is a flight risk by a preponderance of the evidence and a danger to the community by clear and convincing evidence. If a person is released on bail pending trial in a federal case, he or she may be subject to a variety of conditions and restrictions including electronic monitoring, home detention, curfews, and abstinence from drugs and alcohol.  Moreover, the person may be required to deposit a sum of money with the court, provide collateral, or use a surety in order to obtain release.  If a person is not granted bail, he...